EMagRE(ElecroMagnetic Research Environment)

Program for calculations and modeling EM and Heat(Bio Heat) transfer problems based on Finite Difference Time Domain Method.
Built using http://fox-toolkit.org Cross platform GUI Library

1)Heat transfer BioHeat cllassic and DPL Models.
3)Crossplatform(Linux port will be avialable for download at end of 2016)
4)Built in Geometry and material Editor
5) 3D temperature and 3D Grid visualization  

System Req: Windows 64bit. 

Download: http://lshoshia.science.tsu.ge/emagre

There is an archived sample project . This is VisibleHuman Model.
Run emagre and using open project point to unpacked project directory (imported2).
To view sample calculated data use "Import/Export->Import 3D data" from menu and point to
imported2/Output/Thermal/T_3DXXX.txt file

Major  things to do:
1. Incorporate FDTD and MAS EM Solvers
2. 2D data visualization (Point Sensors)
3. 2D, 3D data visualization during run time