Yudit config files for Georgian
(Asomtavruli, Nusxuri, Mkhedruli)

Programm Yudit is an excellent UNICODE editor. Works for  Windows as well as

User does not need keyboard driver for input. Input method mechanism is build in the programm. Downloaded program comes with 2 input files for Georgian.

Both provide Modern(Mkhedruli) input.

In this package:

a) We use different input for georgian (transliterated)
b) Nuskhuri and Asomtavruli are added
c) Nuskhuri, Asomtavruli input are same as Mkhedruli

Transliteration and Georgian scripts

There is no unified standard for transliteration of georgian script.
Following is used for input:
a ა             k კ                 t ტ              dz ძ              q1 ჴ     
b ბ             l ლ                u   უ           w წ               o1 ჵ     
g გ             m მ               f  ფ             tch ჭ             f1 ჶ     
d  დ          n ნ                 q  ქ             x ხ                y1 ჷ    
e ე             o ო                gh  ღ          j ჯ                e1 ჸ    
v ვ             p პ                y ყ              h ჰ                 g1 ჹ
z ზ            zh ჟ             sh შ             e0 ჱ              l1 ჺ       
th თ         r რ                ch ჩ            i1 ჲ   
i ი              s ს                 c ც              w1 ჳ   

For Nuskhuri it is same. For Asomtavruli uppercase letters are used.


download yudit.tgz

For Windows 7  unpack in Users/Username directory (yes .yudit directory needs dot)

For UNIX/LINUX unpack in $HOME directory

Activation of Georgian input

Select "Truetype".
Click next button
Choose Georgian(Mkhedruli -Asomtavruli), Georgian-k(Nuskhuri -Asomtavruli) to assign apropriate buttons ( F3,F4).

Switch input using F1...F12